Toilet Repair

There’s no denying that a toilet is an essential item in any home. Toilets are simple devices that come in a range of different styles and colours. Some offer basic functionality while others may provide water-saving features.

Despite the way concealed and standard toilets look, they all operate in much the same way. For the most part, all toilets operate as expected. But, there might be times where they begin to exhibit odd behaviour. In those situations, you need a plumber to come out and resolve the problems for you.
Blackpool Plumbing and Heating Installations have a team of qualified plumbers that can help. Our plumbers are well-versed at toilet repair and can fix models from a range of popular brands.

Toilet installations

Do you want to have a new toilet installed in your home? Perhaps you’d like a model that offers water-saving features? Or maybe you’d like a new toilet to complement a new bathroom design?
Blackpool Plumbing and Heating Installations can also fit brand new toilets. Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote.

Common toilet repairs we can carry out

Examples of the issues that our customers rely on to fix include:

  • Bowl filling with water all the time;
  • Lack of water pressure during each flush;
  • Waste pipe blockages;
  • Unstable toilet units;
  • Leaking water inlet pipes.

If you’ve got a problem with your toilet, contact us today for a quote. Our prices are fair, transparent and have no hidden extras. What’s more, we offer a 12-month guarantee with the work we carry out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide a fixed cost for the toilet repair?

A: Yes – a fixed cost will be discussed before repairs to your toilet are carried out.

Q: The toilet in my property is ‘rocking’ and isn’t stable. Can this be fixed?

A: Yes. However, the repair might be a little more complex than you might imagine. The common issue is that the toilet has been installed poorly, but over time the toilet can become naturally unstable. With the toilet unit being unstable, this can often lead to leaks and damaged to the floor/or ceiling below.

We would need to investigate the flooring below onto which the toilet is fitted to.

Q: The toilet is constantly leaking into the bowl, is this a simple repair?

A: Yes. This can fixed very quickly and is a small job.

Q: My toilet flush button ‘sticks’ and doesn’t return back to its position. Is this a quick toilet repair?

A: Yes. Again, a very quick repair – usually involves replacing the toilet buttons/mechanism.

Q: How quickly can you repair my toilet?

A: The same day. 99% of repairs are straight forward and can be done within the hour.

Q: I would just like a new toilet installing. Is this something you can do?

A: We can install a brand new toilet to your personal preferences. Give us a call for a free quotation!